From Bard to Verse


From Bard To Verse and Poetic Epics

90 pages. ISBN: 978-1908842022. The fifth volume of poetry by Dennis B. Wilson, containing 80 rhyming poems, published in his 93rd year and written between 1938 and 2013. He is devoted to the art of writing poems composed in verse or metrical language, and the book contains an introduction setting out his 'Plea for "Real" Poetry'.

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Dennis Wilson is a Normandy veteran. He survived shrapnel wounds received in July 1944 and left the Army as a Captain, to pursue a noteworthy career with Encyclopaedia Britannica. He has written poetry all his life and lives in Southampton, where he extols the virtues of poems that rhyme and scan, and are easily understood. From Bard to Verse is his fifth volume of poems, published in his 93rd year. His first, The Poetry of a Marriage, was published in 2008, his second, Haughtyculture or The Gardening Muse, was published in 2011, and his third and fourth, Elegy of a Common Soldier and A Celebration Of Children, were published in 2012. Elegy of a Common Soldier came to national attention in 2012 as a significant Second World War poem written by an infantry officer in the slit trenches of one of the important and terrible battles of that conflict. Dennis is the oldest surviving son of espionage novelist, Alexander Wilson, who had also been a University College Principal and Professor of English Literature in British India and served in MI6 during World War II.